There’s Freedom Here

ocean girl

Hi All!

After taking a *very* long sabbatical from writing on LovelyDusk, I’m bringing back weekly inspirational posts. I hope y’all are as excited as I am!

I have trouble taking God’s nudges and turning them into actions. When I feel like He is calling me in a new direction, I often ignore the quiet whisper and turn instead towards the loud calling of the world. It’s easy. To turn away from Him to appease my own self-interest. It’s too easy to deny Him.

Throughout the past 6 months, God has placed upon my heart an insatiable desire to love Him thoroughly. He has blessed me with an audacious grace and I’ve come to learn that in the past weeks.

“Our hope lies in Him.” This can be a trite and rather cliché comment that is found throughout Christian culture, but I’ve never heard something so true. As fearing Christians, we have no choice but to have hope. Christ has claimed us. Christ has adopted us.

Without Jesus, this world can seem bleak and full of political, social and economic turmoil.

With Jesus, this world seems like a speck of sinful dust ready to see the radiant light of the Lord.

Without Jesus, self-desire rules.

With Jesus, His desire overrules.

With this undeniable Hope comes freedom. For we know where we are going after our life on this planet ends. We know that our Father waits for us with joy. We know that salvation is no longer an idea, but a truth.

I urge you brothers and sisters to press forward on your journey with God. He is Hope. He is Freedom.