It’s Picture Time: 2017

Hi lovelies!

Today’s post is all about those photographs. Let me take you through the last couple of months in pictures.



Captured by one of my great friends Abby, I titled this “Reflections”.


Just a picture of me taking a picture of an ice cream cone.


My favorite Easter dress of all time! Thanks Calvin Klein.


Spring is the perfect time for hiking. My family and I hit the trails in April.


Found this beautiful flowering tree on the above hike. Taken from Instagram.

How does your 2017 look in pictures? Let me know in the comments below.


Athleisure: Comfort to the Max

“Athleisure” is the trending fashion term of 2017. In my own words, athleisure is defined as societal acceptance of yoga pants 24/7. It’s the ultimate balance of functionality, athleticism and comfort. (It is also my excuse to wear leggings 100% of the time when I’m not at work.)

This past week, Kayla, Abby and I strolled down to the riverfront for a wonderful afternoon of sightseeing, hiking and ice cream.




Shoes details: I love Asics. They’re my go-to running shoe and keep my ankles supported through long hikes.

Legging details: These are brand new from Fabletics. They’re an interesting fabric that really holds everything together. I like them for hiking, but would try a different brand for those hard gym workouts. I would recommend these Nike leggings for running.

Jacket details: I bought this jacket years ago at Target. I love bright colors (just look at my Instagram feed), so this jacket is perfect. It’s super light and just the right coverage for Spring. A similar jacket is on Kohl’s website here.

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Finding Your Tribe

Through my life, I’ve learned one hard lesson – friendships come and go. It’s hard to find those one or two or three friends who will always stick by your side. img_0047My high school best friend and I went to the same University. Because of conflicting schedules and different interests, we lost touch. I would see her around campus and say hi, but it hurt to lose a best friend. We grew apart.

My freshman year, I rushed Sigma Sigma Sigma. By joining this organization, I met so many wonderful, creative, intelligent and compassionate women. They welcomed me with open arms. Since then, I have found my best friends and my (far in the future) bridesmaids.

My best friends are inspiring, encouraging and delightfully funny. They call me out when I’m wrong and listen to my diatribes about how hard college can be. With great patience, they participate in my yoga class (sometimes…) and go hiking with me when I need a day in the woods. I couldn’t survive life without them. img_0040I found my tribe. These women uplift my spirits, challenge my arguments and push me to dream bigger. img_0050

Have you found your tribe? Let me know in the comments below.


A Simple Reminder

I go into every week wanting to accomplish everything on my to-do list. My Lilly Pulitzer planner is full of lists, homework assignments and chores. Some days, I wonder why I’m so concerned about all of the little details.

During one of my homework assignments (that I promptly crossed off my to-do list), I came across the quote from Thoreau. thoreau

It struck a chord with my adventurous spirit and resonated with my insatiable desire to discover the world. Take Thoreau’s advice into consideration; look beyond your circumstances and see what lies beyond your vision.

Happy Adventuring!



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Take a Hike

We should all just take a hike.

It’s a short getaway from the stresses of everyday life. Instead of car horns, you hear birds chirping. Instead of stressing over project deadlines, you take your time. Instead of going through the day doing task after task, you let the breeze lift all your worries away. Being surrounded by nature is good for the soul.

2016-05-08 14.40.07-2

My family and I recently took a 14 mile hike down the beautiful Katy Trail. We meandered, we raced. We smiled and we laughed. It was a hands-down really great day (and then we got ice cream after, so make that a great day with a cherry on top).

nature -KT

If you’re feeling stuck in life, work or relationships, I highly suggest just getting away from all the noise. Get outside. The Katy Trail, all 237 miles of it, is waiting to welcome you.