An Open Letter to Those Who Doubt Their Worth


Dear Sister,

You are so loved. Dearly loved.

You were created and continue to be molded by the King of heaven.

You are extended a lasting invitation to come to His table.

You are loved.

You are worthy.

For those out there who don’t feel worthy of friendship: Do you wonder why people call you their friend? Do you see yourself as lower than them? Do you ever ask yourself why they’re friends with you?

For those who don’t feel worthy of a significant other’s love: Do you pick apart your physical appearance multiple times per day? Do you use words such as ‘stupid’, ‘useless’, or ‘fat’ to describe yourself? Do you believe your issues impede your ability to be loved?


Why? Because the King of the universe chose You. You. With every flaw, every misconception. He chose you because he desires for you to be with Him forever.

You are God’s child. God’s friendship is everlasting. God’s love is never ending. Friend, I pray that you go to God today with a prayer of searching. Ask him to surround your soul with the soft light of his peace. For when you ask, He will show.

I pray that you find abounding hope in Him. For my sister, my dear friend – my prayer for you is that we can hang out in heaven together. Singing and dancing. Laughing and praising. Come to His table.

Heaven’s going to be a blast.





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