The 3 Types of Spring Breakers

Warning: As always, satire has been utilized in the writing of this post.

beach-1839742_960_720Whether your Spring Break already happened, or you’re anxiously waiting for Friday to roll around, Spring Break always comes at the perfect time. Let’s see which kind of Spring Breaker you are…

The Gone Wild Version of Jersey Shore – Well. You know who you are. These are the students that spend more money on alcohol than lodging, food and transportation combined. They tape 40 oz. bottles to their hands, take jello shots off random strangers stomachs, and get new tattoos of Lucy the Mermaid. Gym, Tan and Alcohol is all they live for. Also, they don’t remember most of the week.

The Future Stay at Home Parent – Whether you are just really broke or need a restful week, these are the students that just want to go home. They live in pajamas 24/7, eat all the cheese puffs and binge watch Netflix like there’s no tomorrow.

The Dedicated Driver –  Oh, this person is a hero. Whether by choice or default, they make sure no one gets any crazy ideas about jumping off a hotel balcony to try and land in the pool 20 stories below. They guide, drive and hold the bag for when their overly drunk friends decide it’s time to get sick. Yay.

Which one are you? Do you fit into multiple categories? Let me know if the comments below.

All y’all have a safe Spring Break now you hear?



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