The Comparison Game


Warning: It’s about to get real up in here. 

Let me lay it out for you. We all play the comparison game. Imagine a chess board. The goal is to win, to beat your opponent with minimum loss. Life is like a game of chess, but instead of playing someone else, you’re playing against yourself.

Here’s how I see life. Every individual is a unique creation; a daughter/son of God. Through experience and genes, you inherit a unique set of talents, looks and beliefs. No one is exactly the same. So, there’s one question I’d like to ask.

Why do we compare ourselves to others when we are meant to be one-of-a-kind?

A few days ago, I asked myself this same question. I was feeling run down, apathetic and discouraged. I felt like the world was attacking me at every point. At the end of my rope, I turned off my phone and ignored all forms of social media for a full 12 hours (so long…). It was like letting our a sigh of relief. I realized that throughout my day I was comparing myself to people via the Internet. Let me show you a sample day.

Morning: Wake up and check Instagram. Review other blogger’s fashion posts. Double tap all of my faves. Think that my posts aren’t up to snuff.

Class: Walk to class and settle in with a large bottle of water. Take stock of everyone around me. Think that the woman in front of me has gorgeous hair; why doesn’t mine look like that?

Internship: Run into the building a few minutes late. Pass by my co-workers office. Think that she always has her life together. Why can’t I just be better?

Gym Time: Get on my favorite treadmill. Pop in my earphones to listen to some Kanye. Think that the woman next to me has a much better body than mine. I should probably skip dessert more often.

At every point during the day, I am putting myself down physically, mentally and emotionally. I am being bullied by no one other than myself. I am an expert in playing the Comparison Game; it is ingrained into every part of my life.

So let me ask you, how do you play the Comparison Game? How does it control you? What can you do to lift yourself up?

I’ve learned to catch yourself being negative. Once you recognize negativity, you can address the problem. Learn your triggers. Address your fears. Read God’s word. Wipe that chess board clean.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Use your strengths and grow your weaknesses. Refuse to play the game.



Have any thoughts or questions? Let me know in the comment section below.

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