This Election Sucked


*A special Thursday post

I should probably warn you that this article does not include any statistics. It is my opinion of this political climate. Read at your own risk.

This election sucked.

If you stood for Clinton, you were berated by Republicans.

If you stood for Trump, you were berated by Democrats.

If you stood for an Independent, you were berated by everyone.

No matter who you voted for, at least one of your opinions was shot down by someone who called you racist, extremist, or some other “ist” that was said to make you feel terrible. People came out of the woodwork to proclaim their opinions on social media.

Yay, democracy.

For me, and I’m sure many others out there, this election was hard. I agreed with principles from all camps. I do not identify with one specific party.

Therefore, when Trump and Clinton were pitted against each other for the most important position in the United States, it sucked.

Election night happened. People got mad.

Trump became the 45th President of the United States. People got mad.

Women marched across the country. People got mad.

No matter what happens in this country, no matter what your personal opinion is, people are going to get mad. It happens.

Let’s all agree to do this: no matter who you voted for or which “side” you lean towards, let’s all agree on one thing.

This election sucked.


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