How Negative Self-Talk Influences Your Life


You’re stupid. 

You’re fat. 

Come on, you can do so much better.

Negative self talk. That sh*t hurts.

Let’s get real. You put yourself down more than others. You always push yourself to meet the world’s standards. You aren’t happy, because you should be skinnier, prettier or more [insert negative word here].

Negative self-image affects your life in more ways than you know.

  1. It affects your confidence. You tell yourself that you are not worth it. How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something great because you didn’t believe you were good enough?
  2. It affects your physical perception. Try this experiment for a day: count how many times you call yourself “fat”, “useless” or another negative term. How many times per day do you use negative self talk?
  3. It affects your relationships. Do you find yourself constantly asking your friends if those jeans look fat on you? When your significant other compliments you, do you think “oh, they don’t really mean that.” 
  4. It affects your faith. God made you in His image. When you put yourself down, you’re criticizing God’s handiwork.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

You are the greatest negative force in your life. God gave you the gift of individuality. Don’t waste it by beating yourself up over your ambitions, mistakes and physical appearance. To be cliché, you only have one life. Give yourself a break.

Take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror. Throw those shoulders back and stand tall. Notice how your eyes crinkle when you smile. You are worth so much. God loves you.

Watch out for the negative self-talk. It can be cruel. Battle it with compassion towards others, the words of Scripture, and confidence.





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