5 Reasons Sorority Life Changes You for the Better


1. You learn to be a leader. Whether you were on your chapter’s executive board, held a chair position or were a big sister, sorority life taught you to take responsibility.


2. You learn to give back. Philanthropy isn’t just a word that sororities toss around. It means something. Sorority women volunteer at hospitals, pack boxes at local food pantries and raise thousands of dollars per year for charities across the nation.

3. You learn to resolve conflict. When you put 100+ women in a room, conflict will arise eventually. You learn to separate business and personal decisions and to see conflict through the eye of diplomacy.


4. You learn to balance. From chapter meetings to internships, sorority women are busy bees. Your evenings are full of sisterhood, social and philanthropy events. Your days are full of classes, work, homework and everything in between. You learn to say “no” to events and to take mental-health evenings to binge watch Netflix.

5. You learn not to judge a book by it’s cover. Sorority women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. These differences are what makes sorority life vibrant. You might have a sister who’s a world traveler, a sister who is fluent in 3 languages, or a sister who’s passionate about scuba-diving. Sorority life is unique.


What have you learned from being in a sorority? Comment below.

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