A Message For All Women: Live Louder


In the past week, there’s been continuous change in my life. I accepted a new job position. I moved back to school for my last semester of college. I started going to a new church Bible study lead by the book Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst.

During the first week of this study, I have come to a few important realizations about my life and about how women live in a constant state of self-deprecation.

     1. You Don’t Have to Beg Others For Love 

You might read this and think I don’t do that. That’s what I thought at first. I’m a big supporter of loving yourself and others as God does. What I didn’t realize is how easy it is for me to beg for other’s love. Do you constantly check Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see how many likes/retweets your post has? Do you watch television, Netflix or social media videos that make you look at yourself in a different light? Do you dress in a specific way in order to gain attention or to hide from attention? Do you interact with others with a goal of getting his or her approval? Do you make jokes about being alone forever? If any of this applies to you, let me stop that train of thought. You do not have to beg others for their love.

     2. Don’t Let Your Day be Dictated By the Moods of Other People

For a recent job interview, I had to take a personality test. One question involved what words I would use to describe myself. I check off determined, extroverted, passionate and a big-picture thinker. The next question asked how do I have to act at my current job in order to do well. I checked off quiet, submissive and detail-oriented. This test opened my eyes to how much I changed myself to fit in with the moods of my co-workers. I wasn’t being my authentic self. Fix your eyes on the goals you have set. Know yourself so fully that your light shines through at any time. Don’t let your day be dictated by anyone other than yourself.

3. A City on a Hill Cannot Be Hidden

If you lived your daily life as if you were loved infinitely, would it change the way you lived? When I read this, I felt like I had been punched in the gut. If I felt 24/7 that I had a love so eternal my attitude towards life would change. Many of my friends are very vocal with their opinions. Due to the constant fear of rejection by others, I keep the majority of my opinions to myself. What if they don’t agree? What if I start a fight on Facebook (I see these all the time)? What if someone twists my words to form a different meaning? I realized that if I felt loved so completely that I would Live Louder. I would be less shy about my faith. I would sidestep less in my conversations. I wouldn’t fear the future. All women should live louder. To stand up for what they believe in and to live from a place of self-love and appreciation.

I have struggled with all three of these issues. Reading this book has opened my eyes. If you’re struggling with self-love, change something up. Love yourself and live louder.

If you’re interested in reading this book, it’s on Amazon here.

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