Finding Your Tribe

Through my life, I’ve learned one hard lesson – friendships come and go. It’s hard to find those one or two or three friends who will always stick by your side. img_0047My high school best friend and I went to the same University. Because of conflicting schedules and different interests, we lost touch. I would see her around campus and say hi, but it hurt to lose a best friend. We grew apart.

My freshman year, I rushed Sigma Sigma Sigma. By joining this organization, I met so many wonderful, creative, intelligent and compassionate women. They welcomed me with open arms. Since then, I have found my best friends and my (far in the future) bridesmaids.

My best friends are inspiring, encouraging and delightfully funny. They call me out when I’m wrong and listen to my diatribes about how hard college can be. With great patience, they participate in my yoga class (sometimes…) and go hiking with me when I need a day in the woods. I couldn’t survive life without them. img_0040I found my tribe. These women uplift my spirits, challenge my arguments and push me to dream bigger. img_0050

Have you found your tribe? Let me know in the comments below.


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