A Few of My Favorite Things



During these past two weeks, I’ve been trying to be a #GoalDigger. My roommates and I all set goals to accomplish during the month of October. Some of them focus on fitness, others focus on mental health. If we accomplish our¬†goals, we are going to party it up at the Melting Pot (delicious cheese fondue)!

Here’s what has been catching my eye this past week:

Pitch – the TV Show

I’m all about girl power and this show exudes #girlboss attitude. Airing on Fox, Pitch is about the first female pitcher in Major League Baseball. Kylie Bunbury owns the screen with her one-of-the-guys attitude. This is a must-see.

Late Night Riff-Off with James Corden and Shawn Mendes

I love the Late Late Show. James Corden is the show host that I’ve been waiting for. He’s hilarious, witty and his talent is off the charts. He showcases his singing voice in a generation battle against singer Shawn Mendes. Best line of the whole sequence: “You want to carry on or you want to go back to your room and pretend this didn’t happen?”

Gilmore Girls Coffee Shops

This is SO EXCITING. Netflix is turning real-life coffee shops into replicas of Luke’s Diner. They’re also giving away free coffee – yes free. You can see if any shops in your city are participating in the link above. So, who’s going with me?!

What’s caught your eye this past week?¬†

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