Why You’re Not “Just an Intern”

“Where do you work?”

“I’m an intern at XYZ.”

“Oh, you’re just an intern.”


Interns get this A LOT. Whether it’s from your colleagues, your crazy uncle you see only on Christmas , or (hopefully not) your boss.

I’ll put it simply, hearing this sucks. Some people just don’t respect your hard work. They don’t understand that you had to apply and interview for the position. That you were chosen over other applicants. That you’re trying to gain experience before entering the workforce full-time.

We are “paying our dues.” We don’t have to be interns – we could lounge at the pool all day, work on our tan and enjoy summer. We choose to earn crap pay (sometimes) or no pay at all for a part or full time job. We work to impress those around us because we need a job after college and internships are supposed to help.

Interns are some of the best people I know. Here are my Top 3 reasons why:

  1. You work really hard. You’re always doing something, whether it’s research or filing papers. You’re always super busy and sometimes you sacrifice your social life (I get it). If you want more responsibility – ASK. This is your time to learn everything you can.
  2. You’re Trustworthy. Sure, you might be best friends with the espresso maker on the third floor, but your boss and colleagues are trusting you with making their coffee. Show them you can do the small things well and that will lead to big things.
  3. You’re a Forward Thinker. Whether you end up working for the company you intern for or not, your colleagues and team members will remember you as someone who got sh*t done. That’s one hell of a reference for a future job.

If you’re an intern, good for you. Make coffee, scan copies and show your company how valuable you are to their brand. Keep your head up, champ.





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