A Response to Violence

In light of the violence that has overtaken the country, I’m sharing a sermon. It is well-spoken and full of Biblical wisdom. I highly encourage everyone to listen.

“One is that everyone, including those killed this week, are people of dignity. They should be seen as such. They’re image bearers of God. By virtue of being created in the image of God, people have inherent dignity, value and worth. Regardless of what we may think of their lifestyle, or political affiliation, or their theological convictions, that dignity that is inherent in every human being should be affirmed. The other thing that I said was that depravity, that is to say the lost-ness, the carnality, the selfishness, the pride, the sin. So when I look at you and when I look at the guy in the mirror when I shave in the morning, I see a person of dignity and I see a person of depravity.” – Pastor Bob Hopper

Below is the attached link to the Central Presbyterian Church livestream. Sermon starts at 18:30.


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