Trend Alert: Embroidery

Hi y’all!

I’m finally back from my trip to Europe. Beautiful sights, new friendships and amazing food made it a trip of a lifetime. Keep an eye out for a few posts about Ireland, Wales and England.

Right now let’s talk about a new trend that’s showing up everywhere; embroidery.


Embroidered shirts are the new hot fashion statement of summer 2017. Cute button ups like this one can be found here, here or the exact one here.


This style is perfect for those hot summer days when you need an extra edge to your outfit. Dress it up with a simple skirt or down with your favorite pair of blue jeans. Make it your own.

IMG_3571.JPGIf you want to see more photos, head on over to my Instagram here.

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Blush Graduation Dress

Guess what….I’m graduating college! After a long, arduous ride I have earned two majors, created lasting friendships and made a multitude of memories. In order to commemorate this exciting yet nerve wracking stage in life – I bought a new dress.  All the outfit details are below!


Blush tones and classy A-lines are always on trend. You can find this Calvin Klein dress here.  The wedges are from a few years ago, but you can find the new version here, or similar ones here.


I’m crazy about these ruffle sleeves.


More on graduation coming soon!




13 Christian Songs for Every Worry

“You’re love never fails, it never gives up. It never runs out on me.” 


Recently, the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why has been trending on social media. The show addresses topics such as suicide, anxiety and depression. These are serious topics that need to be discussed, prayed about and acknowledged.

When I’m anxious or feeling like life is slowly suffocating – I put in my headphones. Music is healing. God is healing. So here are my top 13 Christian songs to remind you that God’s love is infinite.

When You’re Feeling Hopeless- In Christ Alone

“In Christ alone, my hope is found; He is my light, my strength, my song.” Christian artist Lauren Daigle offers a beautiful rendition here.

When You Need to Feel God’s Forgiveness – The River

“I know a place where we can go, To lay the troubles down eating your soul. I know a place where mercy flows, Take the stains make you whiter than snow.” The fantastic Jordan Feliz wrote this rejuvenating song.

When You’re Feeling Broken – Hills and Valleys

“When I’m standing on the mountain aft, didn’t get there on my own. When I’m walking through the valley end, no I am not alone.” Tauren Wells has a God-given talent to make you feel God’s love.

When You Need to Know How Much Jesus Loves You – Drops in the Ocean

“If you wanna see how much you mean to me – Look at my hands, Look at my side.” The acclaimed band Hawk Nelson released this song in 2014.

When You Need to Feel God’s Strength – Giants Fall

“Don’t you be afraid of giants in your way. With God you know that anything’s possible.” The incredibly artistic Francesca Battestelli’s lyric video is here.

When You’re Feeling Trapped – Chain Breaker

“If you need freedom or saving, He’s a prison-shaking Savior. If you’ve got chains, He’s a chain breaker.” Zach Williams inspiring song will sing to your soul.

When You Need to Feel Inspired – God’s Not Dead

“My God’s not dead. He’s surely alive, He’s living on the inside roaring like a lion.” This was the theme song to the 2014 film God’s Not Dead.

When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed – Overcomer

“You’re an overcomer. Stay in the fight ’til the final round. You’re not going under, cause God is holding you right now.” Mandisa’s powerful song can be found here.

When You’re Feeling Frustrated – Now

“I’ll put one foot in front of the other. Take one breath and then take another. Lead the way, God, I’m gonna follow you.” New artist Mallary Hope’s music video just came out here.

When You Need to Feel God’s Salvation – God is on the Move

“Anytime in weakness someone falls upon their knees, or dares to speak the truth that sets men free. Anytime the choice is made to stand upon the Word.” 7eventh Time Down’s powerful song can be found here.

When You’re Feeling Shame – Greater

“Every day I wrestle with the voices that keep telling me I’m not right, But that’s alright.” Popular band MercyMe shows how God loves them no matter what.

When You’re Feeling Confused – Thy Will Be Done

“Distracted by the noise. Just trying to make sense of all your promises.” Hillary Scott, from country band Lady Antebellum, lays out every worry in her new song.

When You’re Feeling Thankful – Through All of It

Life’s been a journey. I’ve seen joy, I’ve seen regret. Oh and You have been my God through all of it.”  Colton Dixon’s song can be found here.

God Loves You. God Forgives You. God Accepts You.

May God Bless You and Keep You All,


If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts or tendencies please call the National Suicide Hotline Number: 1-800-273-8255.


It’s Picture Time: 2017

Hi lovelies!

Today’s post is all about those photographs. Let me take you through the last couple of months in pictures.



Captured by one of my great friends Abby, I titled this “Reflections”.


Just a picture of me taking a picture of an ice cream cone.


My favorite Easter dress of all time! Thanks Calvin Klein.


Spring is the perfect time for hiking. My family and I hit the trails in April.


Found this beautiful flowering tree on the above hike. Taken from Instagram.

How does your 2017 look in pictures? Let me know in the comments below.


Finals Guide: 25 Tips to Get Your Through the Week


It’s that time again. The most dreaded week of any semester, a week sent to test student’s willpower, focus, determination and ability to survive on coffee. I asked my sorority sisters, friends and classmates for their studying tips and was overwhelmed with the response. Here is the compilation of the 25 best – somewhat – sarcastic tips for studying during this difficult week.

  1. Flash Cards. Make them and carry them around like precious gold. These babies will always work.
  2. Don’t binge watch Netflix… a.k.a. 13 reasons why You shouldn’t study.
  3. Study somewhere different. Switch up your study routine and go to a new environment. A change of scenery will help you focus.
  4. Sit up straight. Don’t study on your couch – you’ll fall asleep.
  5. Reward Yourself. Did you read a sentence? Eat a Skittle.
  6. Sleep. It’s better to get a couple hours of sleep than to study until your eyes glaze over.
  7. Memory games. If you’re trying to memorize those random facts about something that you’ll never need – make up a song/rap/poem or try ‘chunking’. It’ll make studying more tolerable.
  8. Don’t participate in Wine Wednesday. You’re welcome.
  9. Take a break. Hit up your closest pizza joint. It’s okay to let your brain relax for 30 minutes.
  10. Plan out your study times. Mark them down in your planner, phone or on your hand. As Nike says, just do it.
  11. Caffeine. This life staple will always rev up that old mind engine. Just don’t overdo it.
  12. Extra credit. One of my friends suggested crying in front of your professor. It’s been tried and approved.
  13. Take a Bath – it’s relaxing and also allows one to drown in one’s sorrows. But seriously, this is a great tip.
  14. Yoga. Speaking of relaxing, try a downward dog pose. It’s good for your brain.
  15. Watch a cat video. Just one…
  16. Music. Need some motivation? Put in those headphones and jam out. See my study playlist here.
  17. Take a short nap. A fifteen minute snooze fest is shown to increase brain function. Bonus points if you fall asleep on top of your books.
  18. Find a study buddy. Bounce questions off each other.
  19. Or lock yourself away in the library. To each their own.
  20. Stay off social media. It’s a dark hole of procrastination. Your ex’s best friend’s sister’s Facebook page will still be there later.
  21. Don’t go to work. Have a part time job or internship? Take off and bury your head in books.
  22. Ask for notes. Did you miss a day? A week? A month? Ask a classmate for the notes you missed.
  23. Interrogate the professor. Want to know how many questions are on the test? They usually answer.
  24. Figure out the lowest grade you can get on the final without failing the class.
  25. Or you can just do nothing. C’s get degrees.

So, there you go – 25 tried and true tips to get you through the week. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list! Be brave my friends.


Study Hard,


A Little Bit of Spring

IMG_1776Spring is a paradox of good versus bad. Gorgeous flowers, loads of sunshine and pretty dresses all weigh in on the side of ‘good’. One word, allergies, sums up the ‘bad’.

Paying homage to this wonderful new time of year, here are a few pictures to commemorate Spring 2017.

You can’t go wrong with hiking to find gorgeous new spring buds.IMG_1575.JPG

Studying outside is such a joy – just don’t forget to *actually* study.IMG_1778.JPG

Swish around in pretty dresses, since it’s no longer snowing. Yes, I was mid-sneeze in this photo. Spring, you devil you.


Welcome to the season of sunshine & allergies folks.

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Festival Vibes Dress

Hello lovelies!

This past weekend has been crazy busy. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had a birthday! I celebrated by attending my last TriSigma semi-formal. It was a bittersweet night and one that will definitely go down in history.

For a great night you have to have a great dress. After scouring the internet for the perfect outfit, I found a gorgeous dress at Lulus. The fabric and princess seams combine to make a comfortable piece of fashion. The dress is decently priced and can be worn for so many different occasions. You can find the dress here and the shoes I wore here.





Abigail: A Short Story


Recently, I have been going through old files and documents saved on my laptop. I came across this character script that I wrote for a video production class. We had to create a personality in a page or less. This exercise was so enjoyable, that I thought I would share the finished product with you. Everything in italics is the visual part of the script.

Here it is, enjoy!

Abigail’s Story

Groaning loudly, Abigail reaches over and slams her hand down on the giant snooze button. Rolling onto her back, her honey brown hair spreads across her pillow like a halo.

She slowly and unwillingly climbs from between the thick comforter and flower patterned blankets. Her small bare feet touch the ice cold tile floor and she shivers uncontrollably, her dainty frame craving the warmth of a good morning cup of coffee.

Wrapping herself in a shiny blue robe covered in Chinese symbols, she ties it around her waist and heads down the hallway decorated with vintage wall paper and dozens of small pots of flowers. Yellow daisies and brilliant violets mix freely in the colorful bases, all showing Abigail’s pride in her ever growing neighborhood meadow.

Walking into her moderately sized kitchen, the backsplash tiled with old blue and white farm tiles, she quickly walks over to the coffee machine and turns it on. Abigail opens the window above the sink, sending the soft yellow curtains flowing in the slight autumn morning breeze.

Cupping her face in her tiny hands, she stares contently at the flowering meadow that takes the place of a common backyard. Her emerald green eyes take in every little detail of the community meadow, from the waist tall cattails swaying gently in the gentle wind, to the rustic gazebo, its sides entwined with ivy and violets.

Ten other small houses frame the meadow. The one on her left is crisply maintained with sharp white trim and a newly installed concrete patio. On the other hand, the house directly to her right shows its age with peeling paint and a cracked wooden boardwalk that leads from the slanting back porch to the meadow. Abigail’s house sits farther back than her neighbors. Old, but well cared for, the exterior held a pattern of wind chimes and dream catchers, all boasting a multitude of colors.

Abigail sighed peacefully, turning away from the window, her hands reaching for the used coffee pot.

[Noise in the background. A sudden sound of a lawn mower breaks the morning silence.]

Hearing the sudden sound, Abigail scampered quickly to the window, her eyes wide with fright. At the sight of an industrial sized lawn mower at the far left edge of the meadow, her jaw drops, her surprise showing clearly on her delicate and faerie like features.

Running to her back door, she threw it open and stood in the door way. Squinting at the lawn mower, she saw the Seattle National Park logo on the side of the giant green monster.

Her eyes sad, she folded her arms angrily across her chest, her long honey hair hanging haphazardly down her back. Walking to her solid oak kitchen table, she reached down and picked up the notice lying on its knotted surface.

In dark scrawling ink, the words COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND AND LAKE confirmed Abigail’s fears. They were going ahead with the project.

She sat down wearily on the cushioned kitchen chair next to the door. The notice sat on her lap and her elbow rested on the table, holding her head up. She had fought long and hard against this new bill. The papers covering the rest of the table proved that fact.

[The camera pans over the papers, picking up the titles and important bold facts.]

News articles, newspaper clippings, and magazines littered her kitchen table, showing her ever growing need to save the meadow before it was demolished. She had failed.

Her hands cradle her head, her hair falling down across her face. She looks up at the door with tears in her eyes. Slowly standing up, as though she has aged forty years in the past two minutes, she stumbles through the doorway and walks agedly out into the meadow.

Kneeling down in the rain soaked earth, she sits next to a patch of daisies growing freely. She picks five from the earth, rolling the stems between her fingers, savoring the feel, the sense of picking them from the ground.

Bringing them to her nose, she inhales their beauty, their ever persistent smell of nature. Closing her eyes, tears well from beneath the covering and trickle down her freckle dotted face.

Gathering as many daisies as possible, she fills her arms with the flowers. Slowly trudging back inside, she sets them all on the counter and goes in search for the perfect vase.

She settles on an antique Greek vase, made of colored glass and decorated with specks of gold. Filling it up with water from the chrome sink, she puts the daisies in the glass.

Gathering her hair into a ponytail, she arranges the vase on the kitchen table in the midst of all the papers. Pouring herself a cup of now lukewarm coffee, she sits in her faded kitchen chair and stares at the daisies with a kind of affection a mother has for her child.

This is her last vase.

This is the last of her meadow.

The 3 Types of Spring Breakers

Warning: As always, satire has been utilized in the writing of this post.

beach-1839742_960_720Whether your Spring Break already happened, or you’re anxiously waiting for Friday to roll around, Spring Break always comes at the perfect time. Let’s see which kind of Spring Breaker you are…

The Gone Wild Version of Jersey Shore – Well. You know who you are. These are the students that spend more money on alcohol than lodging, food and transportation combined. They tape 40 oz. bottles to their hands, take jello shots off random strangers stomachs, and get new tattoos of Lucy the Mermaid. Gym, Tan and Alcohol is all they live for. Also, they don’t remember most of the week.

The Future Stay at Home Parent – Whether you are just really broke or need a restful week, these are the students that just want to go home. They live in pajamas 24/7, eat all the cheese puffs and binge watch Netflix like there’s no tomorrow.

The Dedicated Driver –  Oh, this person is a hero. Whether by choice or default, they make sure no one gets any crazy ideas about jumping off a hotel balcony to try and land in the pool 20 stories below. They guide, drive and hold the bag for when their overly drunk friends decide it’s time to get sick. Yay.

Which one are you? Do you fit into multiple categories? Let me know if the comments below.

All y’all have a safe Spring Break now you hear?



The Comparison Game


Warning: It’s about to get real up in here. 

Let me lay it out for you. We all play the comparison game. Imagine a chess board. The goal is to win, to beat your opponent with minimum loss. Life is like a game of chess, but instead of playing someone else, you’re playing against yourself.

Here’s how I see life. Every individual is a unique creation; a daughter/son of God. Through experience and genes, you inherit a unique set of talents, looks and beliefs. No one is exactly the same. So, there’s one question I’d like to ask.

Why do we compare ourselves to others when we are meant to be one-of-a-kind?

A few days ago, I asked myself this same question. I was feeling run down, apathetic and discouraged. I felt like the world was attacking me at every point. At the end of my rope, I turned off my phone and ignored all forms of social media for a full 12 hours (so long…). It was like letting our a sigh of relief. I realized that throughout my day I was comparing myself to people via the Internet. Let me show you a sample day.

Morning: Wake up and check Instagram. Review other blogger’s fashion posts. Double tap all of my faves. Think that my posts aren’t up to snuff.

Class: Walk to class and settle in with a large bottle of water. Take stock of everyone around me. Think that the woman in front of me has gorgeous hair; why doesn’t mine look like that?

Internship: Run into the building a few minutes late. Pass by my co-workers office. Think that she always has her life together. Why can’t I just be better?

Gym Time: Get on my favorite treadmill. Pop in my earphones to listen to some Kanye. Think that the woman next to me has a much better body than mine. I should probably skip dessert more often.

At every point during the day, I am putting myself down physically, mentally and emotionally. I am being bullied by no one other than myself. I am an expert in playing the Comparison Game; it is ingrained into every part of my life.

So let me ask you, how do you play the Comparison Game? How does it control you? What can you do to lift yourself up?

I’ve learned to catch yourself being negative. Once you recognize negativity, you can address the problem. Learn your triggers. Address your fears. Read God’s word. Wipe that chess board clean.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Use your strengths and grow your weaknesses. Refuse to play the game.



Have any thoughts or questions? Let me know in the comment section below.